Local Heroes Project

Say Thank you to Local Heroes!

With COVID-19  cases surging again, we are seeing our front line workers once again overwhelmed as they serve our community. The idea to provide a simple “thank you” to remind them that they, and their services, are appreciated was hatched and the Love on Local Heroes Project started. What better way to show appreciation than with products sourced from our local businesses also impacted by the virus.

All of our frontline workers are important! But in order to manage this program, we will build it out in stages based on the dollars raised. We have successfully fundraised for Phase One of this project, Phase Two – Four will provide gift bags for additional groups such as teachers, retail and service workers, etc.

We have begun the fundraising campaign and will start the distribution of Love on Local Hero gift bags as soon as products are received.

How can businesses help?:  We hope you will consider donating. You may also make your donation through our 501C3 Lake Superior Community Partnership Foundation by donating here or contacting Amy Clickner at aclickner@marquette.org.  You will be recognized in the gift bag, media, and website.

How can you help as an individual?:  Individuals can also donate the same way as a business.

For more information call 906.250.0512 or ashley@marquette.org.