*Numbers are based on projection. Subject to change based on actual conditions

** Wide margin of error +/- $3K based on small sample size

*** The annual American Community Surveys provided by the Census Burea were not able to release their standard data for 2020 due to disruptions from the pandemic, therefore 2020 numbers are not currently available. The 2021 numbers are not available due to a one-year lag.

All data from the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives.

Definitions for your reference

Start up – a new business entity or a first-time business owner in need of assistance while launching their venture.

Expansion– any project or investment that creates additional capacity or added employment to the business.

Attraction – an effort to secure a commitment to developing a new business in the area from an entity that does not currently do business in the area.

Retention – efforts to prevent the removal of businesses from within the community. This could be due to current challenges that may be forcing the business to consider closing, helping someone to

Impacted – the number of jobs affected though LSCP actions and engagement with business clients. Actions may include administering business services to clients, navigation of challenges and opportunities throughout the business life cycle, and project-based service application. sell the business at retirement, or the relocation of a business to another community.

Economic Development Program– initiatives that add value to the community and create an enhanced quality of life factors.