Lake Superior Community Partnership Partners with Small Business Association of Michigan

Posted by on April 7, 2020

MARQUETTE COUNTY – The Lake Superior Community Partnership (LSCP) is excited to announce that they are partnering with the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM). This means, starting immediately, all LSCP Partners who qualify are entitled to SBAM benefits at no extra cost.

“SBAM is pleased to have the Lake Superior Community Partnership as a Strategic Partner member. The newly formed partnership with LSCP is SBAM’s first economic development growth partner in the U.P.  We look forward to this partnership with the LSCP, connecting and serving businesses and organizations, to provide services, and a strong legislative voice for programs and policies that strengthen our State’s economy,” said Brian Calley, President of the Small Business Association of Michigan.

The SBAM received a listing of LSCP partners to determine who is qualified for SBAM benefits. The LSCP knows this partnership with SBAM is especially important now while we all try to navigate this difficult situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. SBAM has many resources available that will be very helpful to our small business partners, those resources cover topics such as human resources, compliance, legal services, and COVID-19.

“We’ve had this exciting partnership in the works for quite some time, knowing of the value it will add to our investors, but working through the details to launch it successfully. However, in light of the current business climate, and the many valuable resources SBAM has to offer, we have accelerated our timeline allowing our investors to take advantage of this new collaboration immediately,” said Amy Clickner, CEO of the LSCP.

Questions about SBAM membership? Contact Sherry Bryan at 517.267.2210 or

Questions about LSCP benefits? Contact Megan O’Connor at 906.226.6591 x 105 or

*This program is not applicable for current SBAM members, companies with 500+ employees, or annual revenue of $25 million or more.