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Public Policy: Government Policies that Affect the Whole Population 

public policy noun government policies that affect the whole population Public policy is not something everyone thinks about but is very important in how our society is managed The Center for Civic Education defines specific attributes of public policy...

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Construction and Collaboration in Marquette County

If you read my column hang in there with me this week as it will be all over the board Normally I have a single subject that unfolds in my mind and ends up on my computer Today there...

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Fundraising for Economic Development in Marquette County

Fundraising Often times the very activity that is needed to sustain and grow a non profit organization or event As someone who is responsible for it in my organization I can tell you first hand how difficult it can...

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Marquette County

The Lake Superior Community Partnership is the Marquette County region’s leading resource for economic development, providing a wide variety of affordable and effective development services. The LSCP helps our partners make the connections that matter – between businesses, organizations, leaders and legislators, and provides a powerful legislative voice for programs and policies that strengthen our regional economy.

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