Sawyer Community Update

April 13, 2022 A virtual community discussion on activities and updates at Sawyer. Airport officials, consultants, and community partners will share information on the latest changes and upcoming activities, improvements, and opportunities for marketing the airport, improving the terminal, and coordinating ground transportation at Sawyer. Watch the recorded webinar  

Economic Development 411

April 6, 2022 Learn how economic development impacts our community. Gain a better understanding of business attraction, entrepreneurship in our area, retention and expansion. Watch the recorded webinar  

Employer-Based Child Care Solutions for the U.P.

January 12, 2022 Employers all over the U.P. are finding that child care shortages are impacting their ability to retain or hire workers. Many employers have considered how they might be able to provide or contribute to child care but often aren’t sure where to start. Fortunately, we have some great examples of employer-supported child care already taking place in our U.P. communities that we can learn from. To share these best practices and identify other regional partnerships and solutions, the Lake Superior Community Partnership and the U.P. Child Care Task Force hosted a virtual discussion on employer-based child care solutions on Tuesday, January 11. This virtual event highlighted how employers within and outside the U.P. are engaging in partnerships, building child care capacity, and coordinating innovative solutions to meet this critical need.  

Webinar: Networking in the LSCP

October 19, 2021 How to make the most networking in the LSCP. Watch the recorded webinar  

Webinar: 2020 Marquette County Data Book

August 9, 2021 By using this report, businesses and community members can track the county’s economic path to prosperity and better position ourselves for economic success in the future. Watch the recorded webinar  

Webinar: Marquette County 2040 Master Plan

July 21, 2021 Marquette County has released a draft of the 2040 Master Plan, which is available for public review! The draft 2040 Master Plan is the result of more than two years of work by Marquette County Planning Division staff and the Marquette County Planning Commission. It incorporates feedback from over 3,000 Marquette County residents who responded to the Master Plan Community Survey, the local planning bodies of every municipality in Marquette County, and a diverse array of community stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. Watch the recorded webinar  

Webinar: Economic Impact Studies

June 8, 2021 Economic impact studies can show the aggregate effects of a change in the local economy. Whether it’s an event, an investment, or a change in employment wages– learn more about the impacts your business or organization is having on the community. Watch the recorded webinar

Webinar: MI Vaccination Plan and Workplace Safety

June 2, 2021 Sean Egan, State of Michigan Director of COVID-19 Workplace Safety and Dept. of Labor and Economic Opportunity Deputy Director of Labor Watch the recorded webinar

Webinar: MI Vaccination Plan and Workplace Safety slides

Webinar: Succession Planning

May 13, 2021 Brooke Quinn, LSCP Business Development Representative Watch the recorded webinar

Webinar: Succession Planning slides

Webinar: Housing Trends in Marquette County

For residents and businesses to thrive, we need homes – but long-term, nationwide trends related to construction costs and housing demand are making it harder for individuals of all incomes to find the homes they need locally. To find local solutions to this issue, understanding housing trends and needs is an important first step. What kinds of housing do we need in Marquette County, and how do we build it? Who should be involved in solutions, and what’s being done now? These questions were discussed during a virtual panel on Tuesday, April 27, featuring local and regional leaders. Speakers shared information about the newly-released housing needs assessment, an update on the City of Marquette’s Ad Hoc Housing Committee, and details on the Marquette County housing programs.
Speakers included Sarah Lucas of Lake Superior Community Partnership, Emily Bosch of Central U.P. Planning and Development, Evan Bonsall, Marquette City Commissioner; and Anne Giroux, Marquette County Finance Director.
Below is a recording of the webinar:
Here are some additional resources (Dan Parolek & Opticos Design): Housing Committee Information: Housing Webinar PowerPoint Presentation

Webinar: 2021 Business Resources Redefined

January 20, 2021 Panelists: Benjamin Wood, Range Bank Community Bank President Amy Berglund, InvestUP Director of Business Initiatives John McNamara, Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association VP of Government Affairs Sarah Jennings, Maner Costerisan Director and Principal of Accounting & Outsourced Solutions and Director of Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement Watch the recorded webinar

Webinar: 2021 Business Resources Redefined slides

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