Government Relations Task Force

Co- Chair: Doreen Takalo Staff Lead: Mary Myers Time Commitment: Quarterly Description: Focuses on legislative agenda. Keeps abreast of legislation, particularly on the State level, that affects business.  

Electrical Line School Advisory Board

Chair: Brett French Staff Lead: Brooke Quinn Time Commitment: Bi-monthly Description: Responsible for operation of Midwest Skills Development Center programs. Typically made up of education, industry and workforce partners.  

Finance and Administrative Committee

Chair: Roxanne Daust Staff Lead: Sue Heliste Time Commitment: Monthly Description: Works on LSCP budget, maintains monthly financials and sustainability planning. Review and update administration processes including compensation, job descriptions, and standards, board engagement and agendas.  

Lake Superior Leadership Academy Committee

Chair: Jon Barch Staff Lead: Ashley Szczepanski Time Commitment: Meets as needed Description: Plans for the Lake Superior Leadership Academy, plans reunions and graduation, recruits class members and reviews and plans programming. Must be an LSLA graduate to join.  

CTE Committee

Chair: Stu Bradley Staff Lead: Brooke Quinn Time Commitment: Monthly Description: Work with regional organizations that are pursuing similar CTE goals like the Regional Prosperity Initiative and Career Jump Start.  

Investor Relations Committee

Chair: Stephanie Jones Staff Lead: Ashley Szczepanski Time Commitment: Meets as needed Description: Assists with the marketing plan for the LSCP to follow throughout the year. Plans the annual fundraising events and membership activities.  

Transportation Task Force

Chair: John Marshall Staff Lead: Mary Myers Time Commitment: Meets as needed Description: a Critical component for economic development. Includes all forms of transportation.  

LSCP Officers

Chair: Brett French Staff Lead: Amy Clickner Time Commitment: Monthly Description: Committee is made up of the current LSCP Officers and past Chairman of the Board Directors.  Duties include board/officers nominations, CEO evaluation and monitoring of strategic planning process.  

LSCP Foundation

Chair: Dan Mead Staff Lead: Brooke Quinn Time Commitment: Quarterly Description: A 501c3 corporation whose primary mission is to promote and advance economic and workforce development in the Upper Peninsula.  

Marquette County Ambassadors

Chair: Missy Holmquist Staff Lead: Mary Myers Time Commitment: Monthly Description: The Marquette County Ambassadors is a privately funded group of business, education, community and government leaders from across Marquette County who promote and foster economic vitality throughout the county and Upper Peninsula.  

EDC Board

Chair: Michelle Sellers Staff Lead: Mary Myers Time Commitment: Bi-monthly Description: Reviews grants and loans, keeps track of RLF portfolio and promotes RLF fund availability to Marquette County businesses.   As a partner, you have an opportunity to be active in the organization’s mission by participating on many committees and boards.