Here are some interesting facts about the locks:

  • Shipping on the Great Lakes saves $3.5 billion a year in transportation costs
  • They handle 75 million tons of commerce annually
  • 100% of iron ore mined in the U.S. comes through the Soo Locks
  • $500.4 billion of iron ore pass through annually
  • One freighter equals 3,000 trucks of capacity
  • The locks are ranked first in economic significance (out of 196 locks)


So what if the Locks were to shut down completely?  We would see:

  • 100% of North American auto production halted within weeks
  • In 30 days, there would be a negative $160 million economic impact
  • A six-month shutdown would result in the loss of 11 million jobs nationwide
  • The gross domestic product would decrease by $1.3 trillion


So what can you do to help?

  • Support this project by understanding its scope
  • Work with your local and state chambers to support the effort
  • Contact your Congressional delegation and state legislature on support for this effort
  • Be active on social media about the imperative need for this project using the hashtag #fixthesoolocks
  • Visit for more information about the project and to thank the President for his commitment to this upgrade
  • Send a support letter or resolution to decision makers

Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance – Support the Soo Locks