U.S. House OKs authorization for Soo Locks project

Here is an update on the Army Corps of engineers study regarding the Soo Locks.

Please read our  Mining Journal column on the importance of this project.

Here are some interesting facts about the locks:

  • Shipping on the Great Lakes saves $3.5 billion a year in transportation costs
  • They handle 75 million tons of commerce annually
  • 100% of iron ore mined in the U.S. comes through the Soo Locks
  • $500.4 billion of iron ore pass through annually
  • One freighter equals 3,000 trucks of capacity
  • The locks are ranked first in economic significance (out of 196 locks)


So what if the Locks were to shut down completely?  We would see:

  • 100% of North American auto production halted within weeks
  • In 30 days, there would be a negative $160 million economic impact
  • A six-month shutdown would result in the loss of 11 million jobs nationwide
  • The gross domestic product would decrease by $1.3 trillion


So what can you do to help?

  • Support this project by understanding its scope
  • Work with your local and state chambers to support the effort
  • Contact your Congressional delegation and state legislature on support for this effort
  • Be active on social media about the imperative need for this project using the hashtag #fixthesoolocks
  • Visit michigan.gov/fixthesoolocks for more information about the project and to thank the President for his commitment to this upgrade
  • Send a support letter or resolution to decision makers

Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance – Support the Soo Locks