West End Advisory Council 

The West End Advisory Council is tasked with advising the LSCP team on the needs of businesses and communities in western Marquette County. The council was established by a motion of the LSCP Board of Directors on January 30, 2024 as part of the LSCP’s West End Forward initiative.  

 The council has three main purposes: 

  • To provide insight and guidance to the LSCP team based on on-the-ground conversations and events in western Marquette County.  
  • To assist in developing the West End Services Strategy, an annual workplan which accounts for specific or unique needs of western Marquette County business community.
  • To serve as informal ambassadors on behalf of the LSCP team to local businesses, encouraging engagement in LSCP events and full utilization of LSCP services.


The council is comprised of between six (6) and eight (8) members, primarily private sector or nonprofit businesses; one local government representative is allowed. To serve on the council, a member must meet the following qualifications: 

  • Be headquartered (preferred) or have a physical location in any of the following local government units: City of Negaunee, City of Ishpeming, Negaunee Township, Ishpeming Township, Ely Township, Tilden Township, Republic Township, Michigamme Township, Champion Township, Richmond Township, and Humboldt Township. Membership would consist of a diverse range of industries, sizes, and development stages.
  • Be a member-in-good-standing of the LSCP at the time of their appointment and throughout their tenure.
  • Represent a unique industry not already present on the council.

The LSCP will also aim to achieve diversification in business size, service needs, and geographic location whenever possible.  

The LSCP Chief Executive Officer will make final determinations regarding council appointments. New appointments will be communicated to the LSCP Board of Directors who have the right to make any changes they feel are in the best interest of the council’s work. Appointments are renewed biannually, based on the month the member was seated. 

Council Member Expectations 

Members of the council serve in a voluntary capacity and are expected to adhere to the following expectations: 

  1. Regularly attend meetings (expected to be in the mornings, possibly biweekly at first before moving to monthly or bimonthly)
  2. Bring an open mind to new ideas 
  3. Respect the opinions and time of others
  4. Understand the LSCP team has a set amount of capacity and will be unable to implement every idea the council discusses, but that no idea will be dismissed without discussion
  5. Be an advocate for the LSCP’s work across Marquette County, including facilitating opportunities for investment to expand the LSCP’s capacity.
  6. Maintain LSCP membership throughout their tenure

Apply to Serve 

The LSCP is always accepting applications to serve on the council. You can submit your interest via the button below. The LSCP will review your application and be in communication within 3 business days at the latest (usually much sooner) to confirm receipt and provide an update.