2023 Celebrations


Functional Behavior Services (FBS) Celebrates Opening of New Marquette Township Location 

February 17, 2023 

Marquette Township, MI – Functional Behavior Services (FBS) is a privately-owned outpatient therapy clinic specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and mental health therapies. FBS is celebrating the opening of its new location at 2353 Badger St. in Marquette Township. FBS provides services to individuals of all ages and abilities, specializing in individuals with different learning styles who need a more hands-on approach and integrative strategies. Services are provided in individual and group formats based on the individual’s needs. The new clinic location includes individual treatment rooms, a large playroom, a life skills/ kitchen group room, and an outside park/ wooded area for multiple and varied learning opportunities.  

FBS was founded in 2015 by Carrissa Rondeau, a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, and Licensed Clinical Therapist, to expand and enhance the services available to individuals and families throughout the Upper Peninsula. From its humble beginnings as its sole therapist, Carrissa has grown the practice to employ seven  Board Certified Behavior Analysts, four Licensed Therapists, six Behavior Technicians, and Clinical Support Staff.  

 The success of FBS would not have been possible without the past and present professional, talented, and dedicated individuals that work tirelessly every day to ensure our learners and their families lead a more productive and fulfilling life. Carrissa would also like to extend a warm, heartfelt thank you to her husband, children, and parents, who have spent tireless hours supporting this clinic’s growth and development. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed and are so appreciated. 

FBS looks forward to continued community engagement as they strive to support friends and neighbors with skill acquisition, behavioral and mental health needs. To learn more about the services FBS provides and to meet the current staff, visit their Facebook Page or their website at www.fbsmi.com.  

Pictured from left to right: Nick Kreis, Embers Credit Union; Matt Nord, Embers Credit Union; Debbie Lee; Tim Lee; Jordan Porter, Functional Behavior Services; Val Patterson, Functional Behavior Services; Dawn Rondeau; Clare Belkowski, Functional Behavior Services; Amy D, Functional Behavior Services; Breanna Bolo, Functional Behavior Services; Morgan Gardner, Functional Behavior Services; Evelynn Rondeau; Carrissa Rondeau, Functional Behavior Services Founder and CEO; Rolland Rondeau; Jon Rondeau; Everett Rondeau; Mick Rondeau; Renee Grochowski; Ron Grochowski; Kerrie Krause, Functional Behavior Services; Nicole Couturier, VOS Financial Services; Leslie Kovar, Functional Behavior Services; Amy Niemi, Functional Behavior Services; Kendra Marcuson, Functional Behavior Services; Chiara Johnson, Functional Behavior Services; Brian Calley, Small Business Association of Michigan; Maggie Rondeau, Functional Behavior Services; Tori Pickens, Functional Behavior Services; Angela Abbott, Flourish Financial Partners; Scott Knaffla, Flourish Financial Partners; and Brooke Quinn, Lake Superior Community Partnership.   

Firelight and Co. Celebrates Grand Opening

February 27, 2023

Sands Township, MI – The Lake Superior Community Partnership recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for Firelight and Co. Firelight and Co. opened on March 5, featuring various products. There is something for new users, seasoned tokers, and everyone in between, including locally-made items, craft products, and things for people on a budget. In addition, they carry flowers, pre-rolls, cartridges, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, edibles, CBD products, and more!

Firelight and Co. was founded in February 2022 by former travel nurses. After seeing that many of their patients were struggling with diagnoses that never seemed to heal and forced to use several medications with serious side effects, the Firelight and Co. team decided to continue their healthcare journey within the recreational cannabis industry.

When you shop with Firelight and Co., you can take comfort in knowing their budtenders are educated in all aspects of cannabis. The model of Firelight and Co.’s team is providing the best products for their customer’s wants and needs. Their highly knowledgeable budtenders will guide you through the purchasing process to make sure you’re satisfied with every Firelight and Co. purchase you make. Firelight and Co. believe people deserve affordable, high-quality products that will produce the proper effects.

Firelight and Co. hopes to support their customers and community with high-quality products. To learn more about Firelight and Co., like their Facebook page, follow them on Instagram @firelight918cr, or visit their website, firelightandco.com.

Pictured from left to right: Megan O’Connor, LSCP Outreach and Development Specialist; Alex King, Firelight and Co. Operational Manager; Mackenzie Corns, Firelight and Co. Budtender; Cinthia Tancinco, Firelight and Co. CEO; Ken Tancinco, Firelight and Co. CO-CEO; Nicholas Ohanesian, Firelight and Co. Budtender; Raymond Borghi, Firelight and Co. Budtender; and Brooke Quinn, LSCP Senior Business Development Representative.

Iron Golem Games Celebrates First Anniversary

February 28, 2023

Marquette, MI – The Lake Superior Community Partnership recently assisted Iron Golem Games with a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their first anniversary.

Iron Golem Games is Marquette’s premiere location for tabletop games. They feature a selection of Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Games Workshop products as well as all the accessories you need for gaming. Iron Golem Games also carries a selection of board games, miniature games, miniature kits and a large variety of paints. Inside Iron Golem Games you will find many selections of demo games and plenty of tables for playing games. Iron Golem Games also hosts a variety of events. To learn more about their events or to special order games and accessories, contact them at (906) 273-0434 or emailing IronGolemGamesMQT@gmail.com.

Iron Golem Games will also be offering special discounts. Find more information on their website irongolemgames.com and their Facebook page. The discounts will run until Monday, March 6. You can check out their storefront at 329 W. Washington Street, Suite A in Marquette or visit their Facebook page.

Pictured from left to right: Tara Laase-McKinney, Marquette DDA, Jordan Gokey, Iron Golem Games Co-owner, Joseph Baker, Iron Golem Games Co-owner, Michael Bradford, Marquette DDA, and Brooke Quinn, LSCP Senior Business Development Representative.

The Art Drop Shop & Studio Celebrates First Anniversary 

April 11, 2023

Marquette, MI – The Lake Superior Community Partnership recently assisted The Art Drop Shop with a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their first anniversary.

The Art Drop Shop & Studio is a gently used art supplies and workplace space located at the lower level of the Masonic Square Mall at 130 W. Washington Street in downtown Marquette. The Art Drop Shop welcomes all ages and talents to participate in their studio and accepts various donations of used art supplies to increase accessibility. The nonprofit’s goal is to enhance the creative community of the Upper Peninsula.

Help support The Art Drop Shop & Studio’s mission by folding origami paper cranes! To celebrate its first anniversary, The Art Drop Shop & Studio invites the public to color and design their own paper cranes on Friday, April 14, from 5:00 – 10:00 p.m. According to Japanese tradition, a wish comes true when 1,000 cranes have been folded! Donations are appreciated to continue The Art Drop Shop & Studio’s mission to provide Marquette and the greater Upper Peninsula with affordable and accessible art supplies. The event is open to all ages.

For more on The Art Drop Shop & Studio, visit their Facebook page or Instagram @theartdropshop.

Pictured from left to right: Michael Bradford, Marquette DDA; Joel Siegel, The Art Drop Shop & Studio Co-owner; Katie Carlson, The Art Drop Shop & Studio Co-owner; and Brooke Quinn, LSCP Senior Business Development Representative.

Marquette Internal Medicine and Pediatric Associates Officially Joins Marshfield Clinic Health System

The affiliation will support the growth and continued provision of health care services to the citizens of Marquette and its surrounding communities. 

April 12, 2023

MARQUETTE, MI – The Lake Superior Community Partnership recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for Marshfield Clinic Marquette Center who celebrated the grand opening of their new space, located in the Upper Peninsula Medical Center, at 1414 West Fair Avenue, Suite 334, in Marquette.

Marquette Internal Medicine and Pediatric Associates (MIMPA) and Marshfield Clinic Health System finalized their affiliation agreement, bringing Marquette’s most prominent independent healthcare provider practice together with Marshfield to continue to provide Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Pediatric, and Neurological clinical services to the residents of the Upper Peninsula. Renamed the Marshfield Clinic Marquette Center, the clinic will collaborate with Marshfield Medical Center-Dickinson to ensure the future of needed healthcare services in the Marquette region.

”Marquette patients and area residents deserve access to excellent care,” said Amanda Shelast, President of Marshfield Medical Center-Dickinson. “We are proud to support the continued delivery of these resources to the local community.”

The partnership will focus on continuing to deliver expert clinical care in the Marquette area while also exploring future growth of services within the region.

The affiliation with Marshfield is a victory for our clinic and region,” said Dr. John Bartlett, Marquette Internal Medicine and Pediatric Associate. “We look forward to continued success in delivering personalized patient care and building our medical services through the support of Marshfield to provide the best care possible to our community.”

With the affiliation agreement, Marshfield will formally incorporate its care and operational support system into the Marquette Center. Integrating Marshfield’s team and resources will also enhance services, strengthening the exceptional care already provided.


Marquette Internal Medicine & Pediatric Associates (MIMPA) has provided primary care services in Marquette, MI, for over 50 years. The MIMPA provider team consists of fifteen board-certified Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners. The full scope of clinical services provided includes; Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurology, and on-site Laboratory services. It is the most extensive independent healthcare provider practice in Marquette, MI, emphasizing top-quality, personalized care. Marquette Internal Medicine and Pediatric Associates.


Marshfield Medical Center-Dickinson is a 49-bed general medical and surgical hospital in Iron Mountain, Michigan. The hospital serves communities in Michigan’s central Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin. It has over 70 providers on staff and more than 700 employees, providing a broad range of high-quality acute care, including inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic, and specialty services. It also has primary care clinics in Iron Mountain, Kingsford, and Norway, Michigan, and Florence, Wisconsin. Marshfield Medical Center-Dickinson. Marquette Internal Medicine & Pediatric Associates (MIMPA) includes:

  • Susan V. Balmer, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • John P. Bartlett, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • Rachael Bartlett, PA-C; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • Kaitlyn Joyce, DO; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • Katherine King, PA-C; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • Kyle King, PA-C; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • Tonia Kroll, NP; Neurology
  • Nicole Nolan, PA-C; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • Liz Peppin, PA-C; Neurology
  • Scott Poirier, PA-C; Neurology
  • Roman Politi, MD; Neurology
  • Cassie Sundberg, PA-C; Internal Medicine
  • Nichol Trejo, NP; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • Alisha Wasilewski, PA-C; Neurology

To learn more about Marshfield Clinic Marquette Center, call (906) 225-4500.

Pictured from left to right: Front Row: Brooke Quinn, LSCP Senior Business Development Representative; Dr. Kaitlyn Joyce, Katherine King, PA; Cassie Sundberg, PA; Dr. Susan V. Balmer; Rachael Bartlett, PA; Dr. John P. Bartlett, MD; Connie Fries; April Kellow; and Mandy Shelast, Marshfield Medical Center-Dickinson President.  

Second row: Fred Stonehouse, Marquette City Commission; Kyle King, PA-C; Nicole Nolan, PA; Sally Davis, Marquette City Commission; Keri Johnson, and Carlie Ward. 

Third Row: Brian Donahue, Marshfield Medical Center-Dickinson CFO; Trenton Rankin, Marshfield Medical Center-Dickinson CNO; and Dylan Tylor, Marshfield Medical Center-Dickinson Administrative Director of Operations.  

Chandler Pizzi Insurance Agency Celebrates Grand Opening

April 19, 2023

Marquette, MI – The Lake Superior Community Partnership recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for Chandler Pizzi Insurance Agency. Chandler Pizzi Insurance Agency is a startup agency that will help families gain a better understanding of their insurance needs.

“At Chandler Pizzi Insurance Agency, we will take the time to listen to your needs and find the right policy to fit your circumstance. Your satisfaction is our number one priority as our focus is on you,” said Chandler Pizzi, Chandler Pizzi Insurance Agency Owner. “We are very optimistic about what we do as a local business! We will be good local neighbors, committed to providing safety, security, and peace of mind.”

Chandler Pizzi Insurance Agency represents a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies. Additionally, they offer auto, home, renters, life, umbrella, motorcycles, ATVs, mobile homes, boats, trailers, and more! Chandler is excited to help provide reliable and quality insurance to U.P. residents.

To learn more about Chandler Pizzi Insurance Agency, contact Chandler at cmpizzi@acg.aaa.com, 906-273-0614, or like their Facebook page!

Pictured from left to right: Dane Branson, Chandler Pizzi Insurance Agency Producer; Chandler Pizzi, Chandler Pizzi Insurance Agency Owner; Jon Arntsen, Jandron Retail Center Partners; and Tia Arntsen, Jandron Retail Center Partners.


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